Trouble in Paradise

Writing Prompt – Day 34
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Okay before we get going on the prompt today, I just need to vent please lol! Sorry if this is an unpopular opinion going by the reviews but omg you guys!!


My husband told me I’m no longer allowed to pick movies and I think I have to agree. After a track record of terrible movies like Old, How It Ends, The Rental, and the most recent Cocaine Bear, I am stepping away from my privileges of picking movies haha! Before you judge me, I understand, how much could we expect from a movie about a bear on cocaine – we should have known – but oh my lord. Jesus take the wheel lol!

I am done with movies and sticking to my books haha!

Okay, vent over. Now for the prompt! Here we go! (;

A journey to a new location is disrupted by natural disaster.

My example :

Carol grabbed her room key and headed toward the luxurious room she would be staying in. A whole week she was going to be in paradise. She had this planned for over a year and couldn’t be more thrilled. She had never travelled to an exotic location before and so far, everything on the island exceeded her expectations. The staff and residents of the island were the kindest people she had ever encountered. It was as if they were all the happiest people in the world.

After placing her things in the room, she headed down to the tiki bar to grab the special drink of the day with a cute umbrella sticking out of it. She made sure to pack her wardrobe with clothing to make her look like she belonged. The sunhat she wore, with her drink in hand, and sunglasses too big for her face were perfect for the secluded island.

She took a seat at the nearest table and watched the locals laughing with each other. When her drink was nearly gone and the alcohol started to kick in, Carol felt like she was in pure bliss. Her skin was warm from the heat of the sun and the air smelled of fresh water. There was soft music playing in the background that made everything feel so right.

Carol topped her glass off and debated whether she wanted another one. Why not? She’s on vacation, she should allow herself to indulge. Birds were flying above in a playful manner as she took a seat again.

“Enjoying yourself so far?”

Carol moved her hat up a bit to see the man standing in front of her. Smiling, she replied, “As a matter of fact I am.” She reached her hand out. “I’m Carol.”

“Rico,” the man said, shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you. There’s nothing like it out here.” His smile sparkled as he spoke.

“I can see that. I’m very glad to be here.”

“If you have any questions or need a tour of the island, I’m always around. Come find me and I’ll help you with whatever you need.”

Carol beamed. “Thank you, that’s very kind. Will do.”

Rico nodded and headed off. Carol sipped her drink and when she topped that one off too, she decided to head back to her room to change for the beach. The weather was perfect for a dip in the ocean. In record time, she was in her swimsuit and sitting in the sand with her toes dipped in the water. The ocean was crystal clear and refreshing. She was officially in heaven.

Holding her face up to the sun, she basked in the peace she felt.

She stayed like that for an amount of time she wouldn’t know when it suddenly occurred to her, the birds stopped chirping. She realized people all of a sudden went quiet and she no longer heard soft waves from the ocean. The water held perfectly still at her feet. As she stood up to have a look around, she noticed everyone staring out toward the water with a horrifying look. Just then, a terrible noise struck through the air.

Immediately, she snagged her glasses off her face and tilted her hat off her head as she turned to see what they were staring at.

To Carol’s horror, she no longer seen the bright sky in the distance over the ocean. All she could see was a black wall rising so high she had to tilt her head back to see the top of it. In that instance, she knew in just mere moments from then, her paradise that had just begun was about to be over, and she was going to be engulfed by the ocean. Swallowed up by what made everyone feel so blissful around her. The very thing that was her escape, that was so very perfect, was now going to be the death of her. Surviving was next to none, she knew that, but God help her, she was going to try.

She turned from the tsunami coming to claim her soul and ran as fast as she could to the tree just a short distance from where she was. Without looking back, she grabbed ahold of the trunk, squeezed her eyes shut, and braced for impact.

This would be absolutely terrifying! Since I spoke of terrible movies earlier, let’s talk about a good one. If you haven’t seen the movie “The Impossible”, it’s definitely worth the watch! It’s actually about a family who survived a tsunami, yes survived, while on vacation! But if you do watch it, be sure to bring the tissues!

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to read how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

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