The Blind Date

Writing Prompt – Day 33
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A cutthroat businesswoman swore she’d never find love until her best friend sets her up on a blind date.

My example :

“Please, for me? I’m just gonna say it how it is Meg. It’s pathetic how much you lack a social life. This guy, I promise you, he suits you. Can you please, for once, just trust me on this one?”

Meg rolled her eyes. “This isn’t a social life you are concerned about Layla. I have a perfectly acceptable social life. I have you, remember? What you are talking about is a love life. And I’m sorry, I have no interest in one.”

“Okay, okay,” Layla paused. Meg watched as Layla folded her hands together and began to beg. “Megs, if there was anything you could do for me, it would be this. Work isn’t all there is to life, and as your best friend, I want to see you happy. And before you say it, I know you think you are happy, but please, I am begging you. Just do this, for me. You owe me one, remember?”

Meg sighed. Layla had her there. She did owe her one, big time. “Okay, okay. Stop begging. If anything is pathetic, it’s that. What time do I need to meet…?”

“Matt, his name is Matt.”

“Matt then. When shall I pencil him in?”

Layla squealed and wrapped her arms around Meg’s stiff body. “Oh, thank you Megs! You’re gonna love him. I promise.”

A week later, Meg walked into the fanciest restaurant in town. She was always punctual, and she was going to take advantage of it. She had already decided that if Matt wasn’t on time, she was going to walk right back out and go home to treat herself to a nice bubble bath and a bottle of wine. Layla couldn’t argue with her since she at least showed up. She walked up to the hostess and crossed her fingers.

“Reservations under a Matt, table for two.”

The hostess replied cheerfully, “Ahh yes. He’s been waiting for a while now. Right this way mam.”

Meg cursed in her head. Of course she couldn’t get out of it this easy. In fact, Layla probably told Matt to come early, most likely predicting that Meg would show up and leave if there was no sight of him.

As soon as the hostess seated her, Meg took her first look at her mysterious date. She tried to force a smile. “Hello,” she forced out.

Matt held out his hand. “Hi, I’m Matt. I’ve heard all good things about you.”

“Mm,” Meg replied, grabbing Matt’s hand and giving it a quick shake. “Meg.” She pointed to herself. The awkwardness lingered in the air as they sat there in silence. Grabbing the menu, Meg searched for the highest priced meal to order and a big bottle of champagne. If she was forced to endure this, she was going to make it worth her while.

Half-way through the meal, with barely any words exchanged between them, Meg’s phone rang. She didn’t hesitate to answer. She excused herself from the table half-heartedly and attended to her business. When she came back to the table, Matt was gone. She searched around but he was no-where to be found. Her first thought was that he went to the restroom but that thought was long gone by the time the waiter came around to ask if she would like any dessert.

You have got to be kidding, Meg thought. “No thanks, just the check please.”

What kind of jackass ditches a date mid-way through and leaves his date with the check? But then again, what kind of person looks for the highest priced item in spite of being forced on a blind date. Furious, she paid the overly expensive bill and walked out. When she got to her car, none other than Matt jogged up beside her.

“Missed me?” he said, wearing a sly smile.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Meg asked. “That was highly rude, and what are you doing anyway? Waiting for me? Like a damn stalker?”

Matt scoffed. “Rude? You want to talk about rude? I see what you were doing. Pulling all the tricks to get me turned off to you. The stand-offishness, ordering the highest priced item on the menu, answering your phone, barely saying two words.” He laughed. “But, don’t feel too bad I caught on to all of that. I have a proposition for you.”

Meg thought about defending herself but decided not to. All of it was true after-all. “A proposition? What are you talking about?”

“Look, your best friend is lovely, she really is. But, your lovely best friend here got into my best friend’s head, deciding that he knows what is best for me. He set me up on this blind date with you because he was concerned for my lack of love life. No offense to you, but I’m just not interested. It’s not personal-“

Meg held up her hand and cut him off. “None taken. You don’t have to explain. The proposition?” She was a little offended if she was being honest but at the same time she was relieved to hear him say exactly how she was feeling.

“Well, I want to get him off my back and to stop trying to set me up with people. This isn’t the first time and it isn’t the last. I think we could both benefit from this. You clearly don’t want anyone and neither do I. So…,” he said, taking a breath before he finally spilled the punch line. “What do you say if we go on a, quote unquote, date, for lack of a better word, every two weeks. You pay for yourself, I pay for myself. Hell, we can check things off our bucket list if we wanted to. No relationship, no desire for each other, but we both get the one thing we want – our best friends to leave us the hell alone. If they think we are interested in each other, no more blind dates. What do you say?”

Meg took in everything he said. After deliberating the pros and cons in her head, she realized how brilliant Matt was. He was right, they would both benefit from it. It was a perfect plan, or so she thought. She never could have guessed what was going to happen next.

After months of fake-dating Matt, she knew she was in trouble. She never planned on falling in love with him. But now that she had, she was praying that Matt felt the same way about her. And she knew, there was only one way to find out…

I just love the romantic stories. They are so much fun to write! Hope you enjoyed this one! (:

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