The Voice

Writing Prompt – Day 32
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A chilling voice appears in your head. It won’t go away. One day, it tells you that you have to run.

My example :

“They are coming for you.”

“You can’t escape them.”

“They know where you live.”

“There’s nowhere to hide.”

The voice inside Mark’s head doesn’t stop. The voice grows in intensity with each passing day. The doctor he went to ordered a CT scan for what Mark called headaches. No way was he going to tell a doc what was really going on. He thought maybe he was losing his mind but when the results came back normal, he was relieved but also at a loss.

“They are getting closer.”

“You don’t have much time.”

“They are watching you.”

Next, he made an appointment to see a psychiatrist – again omitting the fact that he was hearing voices – but without being able to say what was really going on, he finally decided it was pointless to show up to the appointments.

“Mark, it’s almost time.”

Time for what? Mark didn’t know. He tried responding through thoughts and even speaking aloud but no reply came. Just ominous messages delivered to him through a voice in his head that was unmistakable. It wasn’t the normal thoughts he heard in his own voice, reminding him to brush his teeth, wash the dishes, what time he had to go to work. What did the voice want and who was it? A spirit, a demon, an illness of his own creating delusions? He wasn’t sure and he didn’t know where else to turn.

“Mark, it’s just about time.”

He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do but when eerie things started happening around his home, he knew it wasn’t just a random voice in his head. The door was left wide open when he came home from work one day, his bank account was hacked, his phone’s microphone was on when he wasn’t using it, the webcam on his computer was watching him. As the voices urgency increased, so did the activity around his house.

The night before the final message was delivered, he heard rustling downstairs. He grabbed a bat he had hidden underneath his bed and made his way downstairs. Once his foot stepped off the last stair, silence bit through the air. He held still for what felt like an eternity, but not a noise could be heard besides the house settling and the sound of the icemaker from the freezer. He lowered his bat and walked quickly and quietly around the house. When he switched on the living room light, there were blood stains all across the walls. He could make out only a few words : Die, RIP, Over.

The room spun as he tried to steady himself. What was happening to him?

Immediately, he raised the bat as soon as he heard a glass crash in the kitchen, just a room next to him. He had no time to think. The very next thing he heard was the voice in his head saying…


Oooh, creepy. That would be awful and lonely if something like that were really happening! My little heart couldn’t stand it!

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to read how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

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