Hey there! My name is Janaé Borntrager and I’m glad you found your way here!

Five days a week you will find writing prompts to get your creativity going and sharpen your writing skills. I should warn you… these writing prompts may even inspire your next novel (or novel already in the works). Not to mention, its writing practice that is also fun! (;

Just put on a timer of your choice – five minutes or even thirty minutes if you’d like – and write according to the prompt. No editing necessary, no judgments, no pressure… just you and your keyboard (or pen) and free flow your way to inspiration.

Along with the writing prompt, I will share mine for the day if you need an extra hand to get those creative juices flowing. Writer’s block won’t take us down! & please… feel free to share your masterpiece (or disaster lol) with me and other readers through the comment section. (:

Connecting with other authors and growing together in our writing skills is what this site is about. Writing can be lonely but not if we have each other. Let’s get creative, get inspired, and write like the author we are meant to be!

P.S. Consistency is key so set a realistic amount of time each day and commit to all five days every week. Some days you may not want to use a timer at all, that is okay too. Personally, sometimes I use timers, sometimes I don’t. & always remember this – our writing habits are vital to becoming an author (or staying an author)!


What are you waiting for pal?!

Let’s form a habit & write on!

Xoxo – Naé