Watch the Magic Come Alive

Writing Prompt – Day 35
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I absolutely love this one. I can’t wait to write about this! I’m going to save you the rambling on and jump right into it!

Let’s go! (:

Write about your favorite vacation.

My example :

It really was a magical place, just like it claimed. I couldn’t wait to get back in line to climb on the same ride we had been going on for the last hour. Luckily, no-one was in line, so we were able to run through the building and hop back on the coaster in record time. Once we were securely fastened in our seats, we were blasted off into entertainment for the next five minutes. Fire roared in front of us, we were shot backwards to escape the bugs, and a story was told while mummies were out to get us. It was the closest thing to experiencing the movie Mummy with a live-action thrill. When it was over, we decided to move on to the next thing.

We stood in a small tight room and felt the elevator begin to move. We watched on a screen as a man talked to us in black and white. The next thing we knew, the elevator was shaking and we were falling – fast. Laughter escaped our mouths as we held on to the rails. As things settled and we were no longer moving, we heard the ding of the elevator and the doors open. We all exited in a single file line, leaving the Twilight Zone behind.

We decided to try white water rafting next. We all sat around an inner tube and embraced the mist breezing toward us on the beautiful hot day. As the raft was pushed out, we were on our own moving through unstable waters and turning round and round under buckets of water and waterfall streams. Our heads tilted back in uncontrollable laughter and our eyes swelled up with happy tears as we watched the reactions of our loved ones getting soaked. It was a blast and when the ride was over, we had to wait until we dried off before we headed on to our next adventure. We fueled up with some food and when the afternoon sun dried us off, we waved goodbye to Popeye’s water ride.

We entered into huge gates and walked around the guided path until we stood in line. The anticipation grew so much that when we sat in another raft – this time a coaster – we could hardly contain ourselves. The coaster started off in the water with a tour of the dinosaurs. We all watched and listened with huge smiles on our faces. Everything felt so calm and peaceful that we almost forgot we were on a ride until the alarms started going off. A T-Rex had escaped. We had to get out of there. The coaster took us high into the sky through a tunnel while forcing our adrenaline to pump up, knowing there was a huge dinosaur on the loose. When we reached the peak and it was time to go down, we sure had found that dino – or rather it found us. As we headed down, his mouth came upon us and just by the hairs on our head, we had just escaped. Our stomachs leapt as we flew downward faster than you could imagine and next thing we knew, we were soaked again. At the bottom, water exploded around us as the raft came to a stop. We weren’t expecting to get wet again, but we didn’t care. It was one of our favorite rides and we were so sad to walk away from Jurassic Park.

The memories made at Disney were ones that I will never forget. They were the most innocent, blissful moments that life rarely gives. And I couldn’t be more thankful to have experienced that at the hands of my loved ones. The Disney cell phones we received from our parents as a Christmas gift, our first time trying BLT pizza, our aunt freaking out on a cliff-hanger simulator because she’s scared of heights, the bird crapping on my head but we didn’t let it stop us from having a good time, the slow rides my cousin’s thought were so exciting until we showed them what real thrill was, the love, the excitement, the laughter, the magic.

Disney was a magical place. And I vow to take my kids there one day to give them that unforgettable memory my parents gave me and my brother.

It is the one place no matter how old you are, you get to be a kid again. You get to be free. And most importantly, you get to enjoy life with the people that matter most. If you ever need an escape from reality and your family needs to bond, take them to Disney. And watch the magic come alive.

Ahhh Disney was my absolute favorite vacation in the whole world. And I can’t wait to give that experience to my children! So much love, laughter, and fun! (: Alright, that’s it for this week. I hope you have an AMAZING weekend! See you Monday! (:

How’d you do pals?!

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