Population Overload

Writing Prompt – Day 28
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It’s WeDnEsDaY – Middle of the week!! Woohoo!!

Okay so we have done a lot of romance prompts recently so I’m breaking it up this week and throwing in another Sci-fi one.

Set your timer and enjoy! (:

You wake up one morning to find out that you get to move to any planet of your choosing.

My example :

Craig woke up in a cold sweat from a frequent nightmare he had experienced on and off for the last three months. It was odd, there wasn’t anything specific he remembered about the dream but the feeling he would get made him want to crawl out of his skin.

Stretching his arms, he reached over and clicked his alarm clock off. Waking up before that annoying buzz was almost worth having that nightmare – almost.

Coffee was plaguing his mind. Dragging himself out of bed, he slowly made his way to that caffeine heaven. Thank God for automatic coffee pots. 5 am, every morning, the smell of coffee would travel through the air and Craig would have a reason to pull himself out of bed. Grabbing a mug, something felt off about the day, but he brushed it off as a side effect from the nightmare he could never remember.

After two hours, three large cups of coffee, and the satisfaction of being just enough awake to join society today, Craig made his way to work. He had back-to-back meetings so in the cup holder next to him, he had his travel mug of even more coffee. Good thing you can’t overdose on coffee.

The sun was beautiful that day and the temperature was perfect, but beside the weather, something felt off about the day. Normally the eerie feeling he would feel from his nightmare would dissipate within the first thirty minutes of him waking up, but not today. It still hadn’t gone away. Something wasn’t right, he was sure of it. Needing to fill his intense emotions with noise, he turned the radio on. Ahh, better.

The drive to work was a smooth one. Not many people out, which was a bit odd, but it was actually quite nice. Although when he parked in his normal spot at work, nothing else felt quite nice. The parking lot was completely empty, the building was dark. He looked around at the other businesses surrounding him and realized there was no-one anywhere else either. He was driving in such a fog, even after three cups of coffee, but that damn dream had put him in a weird state of mind all morning that he wasn’t paying enough attention to everything around him.

That eerie feeling grew in the pit of his stomach as he reached for his phone. He hadn’t clicked it on all morning and that’s why he hadn’t noticed the umpteen texts, calls, e-mails, and public alerts on his phone. When had these come in? How could he have missed all of this? Oh yeah, the nightmare. He was always in the deepest sleep whenever he would get them and there was nothing that could wake him up besides waiting for the nightmare to be over.

The alert was the first thing he checked. He glanced over the words choosing, planet, now, unsafe, over-populated. Not enough coffee could have him alert enough to deal with whatever the hell was going on. His heart started racing as he scrolled through the 45 missed calls on his phone – his mom, his sister, his best friend, his ex-girlfriend, his papa. Their text messages were all similar, rambling on about choosing a planet, and begging him to wake up and answer before it was too late.

Craig may be stuck on earth while the rest of his friends and family were all on different planets, but he wouldn’t be for long. He would find out everything he needed to in order to find them, and he would risk his life getting to them. When he found out no relatives were allowed to know which planet their family chose for population control, it enraged him. And when Craig was enraged, he was unstoppable.

Let me assure you, badass Craig would find his friends and family, no doubt about that. (; And in case you were wondering, I am a zombie today and am slamming coffee, hence how it made its way into my writing. I do that a lot, throwing into my writing what I’m feeling or experiencing. Hey, I think that’s quite healthy to do lol!

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to read how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

& Stay tuned for another prompt tomorrow! (:

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