Writing Prompt – Day 29
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We’ve actually never done a fantasy prompt yet… but Day 29 has you covered!

Three, two, one…


A mysterious creature speaks to you in your dreams and tells you that when you awake, you will have the ability to see into another realm.

My example :

Axel laid down after a 60-hour work week and shut his eyes. It didn’t even matter if he had properly covered himself up, he was so beat. A second later, his heart leapt and his eyes burst open. He almost forgot to set his alarm clock. He reached over and stopped in midair, shaking his head as he remembered the next day was his day off. A work week like he just had was always hard for him to shake off. He quickly got comfortable again and tried his best to relax his body. Once again, his eyes shut and it didn’t take long before he was in a completely different place in which experts like to call the dream state.

Vivid, with pops of the most vibrant colors he had ever seen, Axel found himself in a swirling tunnel he couldn’t help but sense some sort of familiarity in. Maybe he had already been there before and when he woke up, he never remembered. At least, that’s what he had a strong feeling had happened. He walked forward, gasping at the most beautiful design of the tunnel, with crisp shapes making out the path beneath his feet.

He continued walking, not knowing where he was supposed to go or why he was in the tunnel at all, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He was in a world of wonder. Still admiring everything going on around him, he startled at the sound of another being in there with him.


Axel’s heart felt like it was two seconds away from popping out of his chest as the word stop echoed through the tunnel. He almost tripped over his feet from the abruptness of his halt but when he looked up, he nearly fell over completely. In front of him was the biggest creature he had ever seen in his life, towering over him with such a majestic presence that he found it hard to stand directly in front of it.

“Axel. I presume you don’t know where you are at. You’ve been here before, I assure you. But… I suppose I’ll have to remind you of where you are. You mortals have the memory of a goldfish.”

Just then, the tunnel’s popping colors turned into a deep crystal blue, no longer swirling but rather swaying. He looked around to see what was happening and ducked when he turned to see behind him. A school of fish darted directly toward him and swam over his ducked head. The creature in front of him noticed Axel’s discomfort and immediately, the tunnel was back to the appeasing layout of this mysterious place. In an effort to relax Axel even more, the creature in front of him had transformed into the shape of a human. Axel instantly recognized her. He had been here before and he had seen her. She called herself Tranquility.


“Shhh. We don’t have much time before you wake up. I bring you important news,” she said, walking toward him and stopping when she was in front of him.

The human presence of Tranquility helped Axel feel slightly more comfortable but not enough, because when she leaned forward, just inches from his face, he had a hard time looking at her. She may have a different appearance, but he knew what she really was, or at least what she wasn’t.

“Look into my eyes Axel. They will explain everything. We don’t have enough time for me to tell you what you need to know, but my eyes will deliver the message in just enough time before you wake up.”

Reluctant, Axel forced himself to look into her eyes. He thought it would feel like staring into a stranger’s eyes standing too close for comfort, but instead her eyes had taken him into a whole nother world. And when he emerged back into the tunnel, out of her eyes, she was gone.

He knew he was going to wake up soon. And he knew he was the chosen one. The moment he would open his eyes – after a week of over-working and eating and drinking and using the restroom and sleeping and scrolling on his phone and texting and showering and talking to people and all the normal things a human being does – he was going to be anything but normal.

He had a job to do. And he was the only one could do it…

Afterall, no-one else was given the ability to see into another realm.

So many questions! What was this other realm? What was the job he had to do? Why him? Would he have to co-exist in both “realms”? Basically, what in the wild west is happening? Lol! I’ve never actually done fantasy writing before, so this was quite interesting! And to be honest, some of what I wrote gave me the creeps, because who knows… maybe tranquility is real – in another realm that is! (;

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to read how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

& Stay tuned for another prompt tomorrow! (:

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