What a Beautiful World

Writing Prompt – Day 27
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What do you find most beautiful in the world?

My example :

I asked my six-year-old son this question and his answer was puppies and kitties. Although he ain’t wrong, I rephrased the question and asked him what is the ‘best’ thing about the world. His answer was, “playing Bonopoly and Trouble because it’s fun.” Touché little one, touché. I can get down to an intense game of “Bonopoly.” Lol!

So what do I find the most beautiful about the world?

Well…for me, the answer to that question is simple – our minds. Of course, it’s a double-edged sword because just as much as our minds can give us strength, it can also be a weakness. But if you think about it, our mind is where our sacred thoughts and feelings live, our most precious moments, and where our growth happens. And when we change, it’s because our mind has changed.

Everything that we see on the outside world is of course beautiful too, but that’s because of the perception our mind chooses to believe. It literally all starts in our minds. And what’s even more beautiful about our minds, is that it’s our private place that no-one else can invade. It can be an escape, a place to go for alone time, a place to expand on ideas we aren’t ready to tell the world, our place to say how we really feel about some of those not-so-pleasant people in our lives… And guess what? NO-ONE will ever know. No-one can ever visit our deepest, darkest thoughts unless we decide to tell them. And what’s even more, is that no-one can ever join us so it’s forever ours and ours only.

I think it was a genius idea for us to have been given such a huge blessing. If I had to share my internal everything with another person, I think I would rather levitate off this earth lol!

Thank God for such a sacred place…

Because if you really understand how powerful our minds are, you will realize that our minds are really a world of their own.

Sometimes, like today, I don’t mind sharing my mind with the world. (;

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to read how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

& Stay tuned for another prompt tomorrow! (:

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3 thoughts on “What a Beautiful World

  1. Everyone perceives life differently..and I believe that’s by divine design… The challenge for the human race is to live in harmony despite differences in opinion, I opine. Have a beautiful day🙏🏻😅🙏🏻


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