Meet Me Outside

Writing Prompt – Day 26
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I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!

I worked my butt off over the weekend while my kids had a blast at their grandparents and uncles house annnnd my husband worked too. Poor thing is sleep deprived but Sunday he was able to catch up on much-needed sleep. Let’s see… then I went bowling for the second to last time on my league. (No, I’m NOT a good bowler! But it’s fun!) And we topped the weekend off with going to my mom’s for dinner she made for us! (Mississippi Pot Roast, Squash, & Salad – If you haven’t tried that Pot Roast, It’s sooo good and super easy to make!)

For those of who writing prompts five days a week… iT’s ThAt TiMe!!

Alright, prompt is below…

here we go!! (;

You get a text message from an unknown number saying, “Meet me outside. Now.”

My example :

Swaying back and forth, Camila stumbled to the bathroom. Her phone rang but she didn’t answer. One look in the mirror and she knew she messed up. No way did she make it through the night without embarrassing herself even once. She barely remembered the cab ride home. Splashing cold water on her face, she attempted to regain some control in her body.

It didn’t work. Maybe food?

She tripped over her feet on the way to the kitchen but caught herself before she fell. She found a piece of bread and swallowed it as quickly as she could. That should absorb some of the alcohol, at least that was the plan. She steadied herself before making her way to the couch. Once she laid down, she closed her eyes but quickly popped them back open the moment the room started spinning. Her phone rang again but she ignored it. Whoever it was, she didn’t care. All that mattered was for her punishment for drinking too many Sex on the Beaches to finally end. But she knew she was going to suffer for the next couple of days.


Annoyed, Camila opened up the text on her phone. Squinting her eyes, she struggled to read the words on the screen.

Meet me outside. Now.

She didn’t recognize the number, but she had a good feeling she knew who it was. After two minutes of trying to text out a response, she finally gave up and hit send with only two words she managed not to misspell: Can’t sick.

The front door opened and in came the man desperately trying to get ahold of her.

“Camila, why have you been ignoring me? What is going on?”

A groan left her lips. She didn’t have the energy to speak. The room was spinning, and she felt every drink she consumed angrily swirling around in her stomach.

Asher rushed to her side. “Oh my God Camila, you’ve had way too much to dri-“

Before she could hear the rest of his words, she leaned over and retched all over the front of him. If he was disgusted, he didn’t let on. She knew she was going to be humiliated come tomorrow morning. Asher had been the guy she secretly had a crush on for years and just tonight she worked up the nerve to tell him how she felt. No wonder she was as drunk as she was. The worst part of it all, she couldn’t remember what his response was. But it couldn’t have been what she had hoped for if she had a cab take her home wasted.

The rest of the night had been a blur and the next thing Camila knew, she was waking up to the smell of breakfast in the other room.

Is Asher in love with her too? Or is he just being a good friend and taking care of her when she’s down? If it’s even Asher at all in the kitchen… Maybe Asher called someone to take care of her when he realized she was that drunk. So many possibilities!

How’d you do pals?!

I would love to see how yours turned out! Share yours in the comment section below!

& Stay tuned for another prompt tomorrow! (:

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